My pet has
When did it start?
How frequent is the vomiting?
Did your pet eat anything other than its normal diet recently?
Does vomiting occur only after eating?
Does your pet vomit
Has your pet been treated for vomiting before?
Does your pet’s diarrhea occur
Is the stool
Have you noticed any blood in the stool?
Has your pet been treated for diarrhea before?
Has your pet been boarded or out around other pets recently?
Could your pet have been exposed to any toxins or swallowed anything?
Have there been any changes in your pet’s environment recently (new family member, move, loss of a family member, etc.)?
Have there been any other changes in your pet (increased or decreased appetite, increased or decreased consumption or water, lethargy or hyperactivity, etc.)?
Is your pet on any medications?
Does your pet have any other symptoms not addressed on this form?