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Drop-off services provide a convenient option for pet owners to leave their pets at our clinic for examination, treatment, or procedures without needing to wait on-site. 

Veterinary drop-off services allow pet owners to schedule appointments for their pets and drop them off at the clinic at a designated time. The pet is left in the care of the veterinary staff for the duration of the appointment, and the owner can pick them up later.


Convenience: Pet owners can drop off their pets at a scheduled time and continue with their day without waiting at the clinic.

Efficiency: Veterinary clinics can optimize their scheduling by managing drop-off appointments alongside regular appointments, reducing wait times for both clients and patients.

Flexibility: Drop-off services accommodate busy schedules and emergencies, providing flexibility for pet owners who may not be able to attend appointments during regular hours.

Comfort: Pets can receive necessary care and attention in a familiar environment, minimizing stress associated with extended wait times or waiting rooms.

Scheduling: Pet owners schedule drop-off appointments in advance, specifying the reason for the visit and any concerns.

Check-In: Upon arrival, owners provide necessary information about their pet's health, symptoms, and any specific instructions.

Examination/Treatment: Veterinary staff examine the pet, perform necessary tests or procedures, and provide treatment as needed.

Communication: The veterinary team communicates with the owner regarding the pet's condition, treatment plan, and any additional recommendations.

Pick-Up: Once the appointment is complete, owners return to the clinic to pick up their pet, receive instructions for care, and settle any outstanding payments.

Communication: Clear communication between the veterinary team and pet owner is essential to ensure that all concerns are addressed, and treatment plans are understood.

Emergency Situations: While drop-off services offer flexibility, they may not be suitable for urgent or critical cases that require immediate attention.

Payment and Consent: Owners need to provide consent for treatment and discuss payment options.

We offer this service to our established clients. 

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