Microchipping services play a crucial role in pet identification, safety, and reunification efforts. Here are several reasons why microchipping is important:

Permanent Identification: Unlike collars and tags, which can become lost or removed, a microchip provides a permanent form of identification for pets. It consists of a tiny, implantable device encoded with a unique identification number that is linked to the owner's contact information in a centralized database.

Lost Pet Recovery: Microchips significantly increase the chances of reuniting lost pets with their owners. When a lost pet is found and brought to a veterinary clinic, animal shelter, or animal control facility, a quick scan with a microchip reader can reveal the pet's unique ID number. This number is then used to contact the owner and facilitate the safe return of the pet.

Legal Requirements: The City of Houston Municipal Code requires that anyone who owns, keeps, possesses, or has control of a dog or cat that's at least 4 months old must have their pet registered and microchipped.

Peace of Mind: Microchipping provides peace of mind for pet owners, knowing that their beloved companions have a permanent form of identification that can help facilitate their safe return in the event they become lost or stolen.

We can microchip dogs and cats of any age without the need of sedatives or anesthesia. It is common for microchipping to be performed at the same time as surgical procedures like spaying and neutering, but it is not required. 

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