We want your pet to look and feel their very best.

Black Dog in the bath

All dogs deserve to be properly groomed.

Dog Grooming Services 

We offer the following dog grooming services: 

  • bathing
  • haircut
  • blow drying

Part of keeping your pets healthy is keeping them clean! No one minds sharing a home with pets when they smell good so regular baths ensure that your pets are allowed in your home.

However, there are other times that your pets need to be bathed! Some animals need extra baths to help with their sensitive skin. Not to mention, any time your lovely dog meets a skunk!

Whether you don’t like to bathe your pets yourself or you simply don’t have the right setup, we are here for you! Here at Rice Village Animal Hospital, we are proud to offer many options to keep your pets happy and healthy! Contact us today at (713) 527-0489.